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EE I said goodbye.

Well for the time I was with EE I had a major problem, it turned out that the connection kept dropping to 7mb download and making most jobs impossible. So after many expensive bills, which I put down to mobile…
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Storm Desmond – SEPA Warning

SEPA warnings of Flooding Metoffice Warnings

River Cottage – how could I loose this

See larger image The River Cottage Handbook Collection (Paperback) Box set of River Cottage handbooks 1-10 softback editions in a presentation box. These books on their own cost £14.99 each but you can have the full collection in a presentation…
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TS2000X off for repair

Well tomorrow Interlink come to collect my TS2000X as its off on holidays to see Geoff at Castle. I haven’t the test equipment to re centre all the frequencies, so off on its travels it goes. More shortly

Lothian Radio Society talk on APRS

Here is the review 🙂

Not many updates lately

I’ve not done much to the site recently due to Rallies, trainings and Xmas lights. Expect a fair bit of content over the xmas period! 375

Reviews – Books – Antenna Designers Notebook

Whilst thinking of things I could do on the way back from National Hamfest, I thought, books! so I bought the ARRL Antenna Designer’s Notebook by Brian Cake, KF2YN. Now as I was in a hurry I didn’t even scan…
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Nation HamFest 2015

I went to National HamFest as Both Region One Manager and Awards manager. The question is how did the event go? well as Awards went it was very positive many people where interested and many wanted more information, I only…
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Noble Radio NR-4SCA Review

The Noble Radio produces 3 radio’s currently a 50Mhz SSB/CW rig, a 70Mhz rig called the NR-4SC and the one I am going to review here the NR-4SCA, the first difference between the NR-4SC and the NR-4SCA is aesthetics. The…
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Galashiels Radio Rally

The 2015 Annual Open Day and Rally will be held on Sunday the 18th of October 2015 at 11:15am The Volunteer Hall St John Street Galashiels Scottish Borders TD1 3JX Doors open at 11.15am (Disabled access from 11.00am) Admission will…
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