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Heil ProSet 6 Elite

Heil requires no introduction Bob Heil is the designer of some amazingly responsive microphones and mic inserts. The HC-4 and HC-5 have become staples of Contesters and DXPeditions over recent years, In fact I cut my teeth contesting with a…
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Netgear WN1000RP

Simply put this is a plugin, configure and go device Setting this up with WPS is quite simply a doddle, but if you want to set it up differently it has its own webserver management system that allows quite a…
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Pluscom 8 port Gigabit switch

As you may have read the review previously of the EE Brightbox 2  which I had tremendous problems with getting running in a small three bed property. I looked at a lot of options including a new router/modem But what…
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FAQ – Duplexers, Diplexers, Triplexers and Multiplexers

In the UK if we have a rig with a 2m in/out antenna and a 70cm in/out antenna socket most people search for a duplexer, yet that is completely incorrect. See larger image Foundation Licence Now (Paperback) New From: £4.99…
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Times of Austerity, how the Scots do it.

So food is too expensive? From my local (organic) Market I bought 1/2 black pudding 12 lorne sausage slices 12 potato cakes 6 eggs 36 slices of smoked back bacon Price £5.50 From the greengrocer some potatoes 25p From the…
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Cables failing

Well the move took its toll on the KT100 the patch lead died, and of course I started fault checking in the wrong place, last place I looked Yes twas there DOH!!

20m Goodness

Well I Never got to play with 20m over the weekend, but the dipole is only about 10′ above the ground *ATM* and tonight I’ve worked OK1VEI Pavel, in Cernosice, Czech Republic on ten Watts I am quite impressed even thought…
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23cm Woes

I was scanning through the bands earlier and hit 23cm’s and had an absolutely endstopping signal from Ayr… I was just about to respond then realised… I have no antenna connected at this time, I am awaiting a triplexer, and…
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20m Dipole

Because of really bad USB to serial adaptors (which I am replacing next week) I haven’t really super tuned the Hustler up all the way. 20m seemed dead so the trap needs moving, rather than do that blind without the…
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Baluns and Ununs

After starting reading Jerry Sevick (W2FMI)’s book Understanding and building, and using Baluns and Ununs, I realised that I hadn’t made any lately, so I am going to source the materials to build some of the following Baluns and Ununs…
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