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A big let down

Normally I am not one to moan about people letting me down, but when it comes to Organisations. That indeed is a different matter! Many years ago I became involved in the British Red Cross, as a Volunteer, as I…
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Congratulations to my XYL

Anna, passed her foundation (sat at Kilmarnock and Loudoun club) with  a good pass mark, we’re awaiting her certificate to come so we can get her call sign but, we’ve got her a Baufeng GT-3 mk2 for a start and…
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Site Updates 101

Updates for the foundation Licence and 1/4wave ground plane antenna, and a fair few other bits posted to the site, all completely integrated now so please have a look

Music and the Man

For those that don’t know, I am a classically trained musician, I play (or Played) Contrabass Tuba, Trombone, Euphonium, Guitar, Percussion, Bassoon and a fair few more instruments, but family life has left me with little time for playing at…
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All Quiet here atm

After spending time at Edinburgh for the #millionmaskmarch by #anonymous and doing some feeding of the homeless with #opsafewinter I am back. Schedule this week. Sun Teaching Mon #AnonUK Radio 7-9 Metal and Mayhem (DJing) Tues KLARC Weds AYR RC….
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Storms and not happy Verticals

Well on the 20th / 21st October we encountered the tail end of yet another huricane. Did it do any damage to the mast tied against the washing line? No! did it do any damage to the Colinear on the…
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Loop Theory

1005 divided by (ƒ) frequency in MHz gives us the one-wavelength design length for a particular band for a Delta Loop.  

RSGB Radio Communication Handbook

Well my copy arrived today, in a huge box so it was carefully delivered! I have so far had a flick but would advise anyone considering their full license to get a copy   Once I’ve read it I will…
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Shack of air atm

Rebuild after the coast watch scotland SES should be back after the next rally! catch you all on air 73

LP-100A calibrated

WX permitting tomorrow we will do a proper tune of the hustler, if not it will be an adhoc tune until wx is right, can’t risk getting any damage to the LP100-a

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