Welcome to the Amateur Radio site of Station MM0ZIF

The Shack of MM0ZIF

Welcome to the web pages of Amateur radio station MM0ZIF

This station is available on the
following bands for SKEDS
80m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m,
12m, 10m, 6m, 4m, 2m, 70cm and 23cm, all modes inc DMR

PLEASE NOTE the station is currently down due to a house move.

Scotland_240-animated-flag-gifsI will happily build custom WordPress sites for any Amateur for a donation to maintaining the Radio Station here. email me for more details marcus@mm0zif.org.uk

Marcus - MM0ZIF RSGB Region One Manager - ASRA Founding member, Nick Henwood - G3RWF - RSGB President, Andy Hood - GM7GDE - RSGB R1 DRM and ASRA Chairman

Marcus – MM0ZIF Former RSGB Region One Manager – ASRA Founding member, Nick Henwood – G3RWF – RSGB President, Andy Hood – GM7GDE – Former RSGB R1 DRM and ASRA Chairman

maidenhead grid square: IO75op
Latitude: 55.647418 Longitude: -4.784566
Altitude: 37.56 m (123′ (at ground level))
Landranger: NS248427
IOTA: EU-005
DMC: DMC # 07098
EPC: EPC # 23070
30MG: 30MG -6783
Feld Hell Club: FH # 4712
Belgium DMC: BDM # 4375

“Please Note dear reader, this site is under constant development, and takes quite a bit of my time, so if you appreciate my efforts, please if you want to buy a book or donate through Paypal or bitcoin for upkeep of the site, I certainly wouldn’t mind. Failing that please subscribe to my feeds, register an account here and post comments, tell me what you’d like to see”

Marcus is not on as often as he would like to due to other commitments at this time, however why not arrange a SKED

Would you like a Digital SKED, please feel free to give me a shout to arrange, I’d prefer non PSK maybe Olivia or Feld Hell. Why not use the pop up tab at the bottom right to contact me. If you are interested in my Shack and what is in it have a look at my shack page

This site will cover the day to day ongoing running of my Amateur Radio Station Mike Mike Zero Zulu India Foxtrot, electronics projects and other ongoing things that are relevant to the hobby including book reviews, equipment reviews and personal opinions. For users reference: Each section in the navigation bar (Above) has it’s own title page, and sub-pages, the more you browse the more you will find. Marcus also extremely interested in the Environmental movement and is always working on new green issue projects, these will also be posted to the relevant sections of the site most of these will be of interest to amateurs and experimenters alike. Whilst also appealing to anyone interested in making their Station more resilient.

Many people seem to think that 2 meters is the best band for Rag-Chewing, and 6 meters for near distant work when the band is open. Personally I am an advocate of the 4m 70mhz Band (or as its known outside the UK “The Oddly British Band”) I find the clarity better than both 6 meters and 2 meters. Due to the fact that less people use 70mhz there is always space on the band. If you hear MM6YWF on air, then AnnA is using the shack here, AnnA being my XYL and mother to my two youngest children.

Quote for Life “If your getting Stressed, Find an Island, and Go DXing”

If you are in the area drop me a call I am also a self-confessed IOTA junkie, If I could be away regularly I would. Already I’ve done DXpeditions to Arran, Tiree and the Isle of Muck and am planning another shortly. I am interested in QRP, building rigs, FSTV and DTV and Microwave. I also enjoy building antenna’s (ok I will admit to not being brilliant at it but practice makes perfect).

Finally Marcus – MM0ZIF is an active promoter of Amateur Radio in the community and is active on the club talks circuit keep an eye in RadCom for talk dates, and why not say Hi.

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